-Guests who are over the age of 12 must show proof of full vaccination or negative COVID test (taken within 72 hours of visit). Vaccination proof can be in the form of an app, physical vaccination card, or photo of vaccination card. This is a mandatory requirement and entry will be denied if proof is not provided.
-Guests must wear face coverings at all times. This excludes guests who are under 2. Masks will be available for purchase in the store (if needed). Even if you are vaccinated, you must wear a face covering (masks must be worn in addition to shields).
-Guests must pre-purchase tickets (applies to members as well). Contactless payment only (credit card only).
-Guests must social distance by placing at least 6ft between themselves and others.
-All guests are encouraged to wash their hands regularly and sanitize them using the available stations (under 9 years old requires parent present for use of sanitizer)