Gift Membership (1 Year)

$ 105.00


Please select your desired Membership Level from the dropdown menu. Please note that only levels currently available on the Membership Join Page.

Please verify that the Gift Membership recipient’s name and mailing address are provided in the Shipping Address section, and your information is provided in the Billing Address section. This will ensure that the Membership Package is sent to the giftee, while Tax Deductibility information is sent to the gifter.

Please utilize the "Special instructions for seller" section at checkout for any special requests. Membership Cards will be sent directly to the gift recipient unless otherwise specified.  

If you have any questions or updates, please contact us! | 323-964-6375.

LIMITED TIME OFFER: Gift a CF200 Membership, Receive a $100 Voucher!

CF200 Gift Memberships purchased through 12/24/23 will receive a unique Discount Code for $100 off* at the Petersen Retail Store. 

*Discount Code is valid only at the Petersen Store (retail gift shop) and can be redeemed either online or in-store. The code is attached to the Gift Membership purchaser's email address and is non-transferable. To redeem in-store, please provide the retail associate with the associated email address. This code is one-time-use and must be used in a single transaction. Only one code can be issued per customer.  Code cannot be combined with any other offer, and exclusions may apply. The Promo code is subject to change and can end without notice. Code expires 5/31/24.