Non member of Bastille Day Rally

$ 120.00

39th Annual Bastille Day Rallye & Lunch
Sunday, July 10, 2016

Honored Marques (these cars will park in the Featured Arena)
BMW Sports Cars, on BMW’s 100th Anniversary (examples:1930’s 328 series; 1950’s 507 series; 1970’s 3.0 & 2002 series; 1980’s M1 series; 2000’s Z8 series; 2015’s i8 series).

Mercedes Benz 300SL Sports Cars, 1954–1963 Gullwings and Roadsters.

All types of cars are welcome to park on the lawn, however, this year we are featuring: BMW and Mercedes sports cars…so if you have one, get it out and dust it off and let’s have a face-off across the Arena for these long-competing German marques!




Check-in & breakfast at the beautiful NEW PETERSEN’s parking garage—levels P3 & P4



Rally starts with directions to Jim and Tonya’s Greener Pastures Ranch in Malibu



Gates open for lunch and entertainment (do not arrive before noon, please)