CF200 Collectors Seminar with Grundy Insurance and Jay Leno

$ 20.00

Join the Petersen Automotive Museum, CF200 and a Grundy Insurance panel of experts at the Petersen for a comprehensive discussion of the car hobby. Whether you are just starting to grow your collection or are focused on managing your existing assets, you don’t want to miss this exciting, entertaining and educational seminar.

Date: Sunday, April 30, 2017
Time: 11:00am Brunch | 12:00-1:30pm Panel
Location: Petersen Automotive Museum – Penthouse Pavilion and Terrace
Price: $20 per person

 Meet the Panel of Industry Experts

Jay Leno – Most know Jay Leno for his comedy, but his passion for automobiles may be his preferable legacy. Leno's meticulous attention to preservation and historically accurate restoration is admirable. Anyone who meets him says his passion is sharing his collection with others, and his practiced and accessible style in front of the camera on his CNBC Primetime Show "Jay Leno's Garage" allows him a unique opportunity to educate everyone from enthusiasts to those with a casual interest in automobiles. Leno's collection occupies three football-field sized warehouses, whose walls and ceilings are decorated with period car, oil company and race posters and billboards.

Donald Osborne - ASA, classic car consultant, historian, writer and host of ‘Assess & Caress with Donald Osborne’ on the CNBC Primetime show ‘Jay Leno’s Garage' will serve as moderator. An accredited member of the American Society of Appraisers, he works for clients across the world on the valuing, acquisition and sale of classic vehicles and travels the US and Europe attending major events, rallies and auctions.

Bruce Meyer – Known for his love of hotrods, performance cars, and his endless quest to acquire the Best of the Best, Meyer is no stranger to the art of the deal. That doggedness led Meyer to acquire the gem of his collection: the 1957 Ferrari 250 TRC Testa Rossa, which – to quote Hemmings – is "one of the most successful privately campaigned Ferraris in history." It had been driven by the likes of Richie Ginther, Phil Hill, Carroll Shelby, Ken Miles, and Jack Nethercutt. It was first owned by John von Neumann – a race car driver and Ferrari's top dealer in California – who pulled the strings in Maranello to get the sonorous 2.5-liter V12 enlarged to 3.0 liters. Von Neumann's hot rod, if you will. "So anything that's called a hot rod has my attention," said Meyer.

Jim Grundy – To say Grundy has a passion for classic cars would be an understatement. Grundy Insurance, was founded by Grundy’s father more than 60 years ago, and is one of the leading insurers of classic automobiles in the United States. The Grundy agency invented the Agreed Value policy, a coverage that is the heart of any collector car program and has become standard of the industry. Grundy’s grandfather Sam Baily is known as one of the first people to restore an antique automobile, after rescuing a 1909 Pierce Arrow from a Philadelphia scrapyard in 1939. It’s one of the highlights of Grundy’s collection, which includes brass-era automobiles like the Pierce Arrow — which Grundy tracked down and purchased from another owner several years ago — as well as other antique, classic and special interest vehicles.

Mark Hyman - Founder of Hyman Ltd. Classic Cars, is a true ‘car nut’ in every way.  He restored his first car at age 16 and has always loved tinkering with old cars.  Mark has an affinity for English, German and Italian sports cars, pre- and post-war classics, custom-bodied Packards, Duesenbergs and European one-off coachbuilts, as well as 1950s-era American collectibles.

Ian Kelleher – Kelleher serves as the Chief Operating Officer and Managing Director of RM Auctions Inc., and served as its President. As the son of an automotive engineer, Mr. Kelleher followed his roots and began his tenure in the auction industry at Christie’s working as a specialist in the Motor Car Department. In 2000, he joined RM Auctions and immediately assisted in the continued development of its auction catalogues, marketing and corporate image. Over the years he has overseen most of the estate and private collection auctions such as Carail, The Gene Ponder Collection, The John McMullen Collection, The Art Astor Collection and Joe’s Garage. He has also managed RM’s frequent forays into different areas of collecting, such as the unique Brucker Collection of Kustom Kulture icons

Discussion Topics Will Include:

  • Collecting trends…what’s hot, what’s not.
  • Where’s the hobby going
  • Value isn’t a single item – Learn the Facts
  • Marketable cash value to sell your car
  • What drives the decision making process of Buy/Sell