$ 250.00

Sunday, March 10, 2019 | 2PM - 10PM 

Join the Adam Carolla Show for a day of special events celebrating the 10 year anniversary of the Adam Carolla Show and the Adam Carolla CarCast, hosted at the Petersen Automotive Museum!


2PM - 4PM 

Start the day off with a Classic Cars competition, where CarCast fans will bring their personal cars to be contested. The competition will be hosted by Adam Carolla, Jay Leno, Mike Brewer, Chris Jacobs, and other automotive celebrities.  Awards will be given for the best cars in each class.  $20 price is to spectate only. 

5PM - 7PM 

The second part of the day will feature a cocktail hour and an exhibition of Adam’s latest documentary, followed, UPPITY inside the Bruce Meyer Family Gallery. UPPITY is the story of Willie T Ribbs, the first black race car driver at Indy. The screening will be followed by a Q&A session with Adam Carolla.

7:30PM - 10PM 

Ending the night, enjoy a star-studded, 10th-anniversary taping of the Adam Carolla Show in the William E. Connor Penthouse. Fans of the Adam Carolla Show will join Adam and co-hosts Jimmy Kimmel, Gina Grad and Bald Bryan along with Celebrity guests to celebrate the 10th year of the Adam Carolla Show.



(NEW ADDITION- Private Garage Tour)- Join Adam at his SpeedShop in Glendale for a private tour of his Paul Newman race car collection including the legendary Porsche 935 that Paul Newman famously raced to victory at LeMans.  Attendees will also receive a complimentary signed copy of Adam's NY Times Best Selling book NOT TACO BELL MATERIAL and a private tour of the Petersen Vault. Only 50 will be made available 

Bundle (SOLD OUT)- Includes access to live podcast, admission to the museum, access to the screening, a vehicle submission and entry into the show. 

Podcast (SOLD OUT)- Includes access to the live podcast

Documentary - Includes access to the live podcast

Car Show + Admission - Includes a vehicle submission to the car show, admission to the museum and a free museum book

Vehicle Submission - Includes a vehicle submission and access to the car show (excludes admission to the museum)

Spectator - Includes access to the car show (excludes vehicle submission)