The World Tour - A New Vault Experience

Gain access to the museum’s most celebrated vehicles. Discover more than 250 of the most iconic cars, motorcycles, and trucks from around the world. Experience everything from hypercars to hollywood legends. The Vault is home to cars representing over 120 years of automotive history, some of which have rarely been seen by the public.

Our exclusive opening will take place between May 30 - 31st where guests will have the option of participating in a free roam or guided tour of our new Vault. This also the only time that guests will be permitted to take photographs. 

The 75-minute free roam tour will have docents standing by to answer all questions or you may have a docent guide you through our new Vault on a 120-minute tour. Both tours are followed by your choice of pizza or salad and a drink in the Drago Ristorante.  

  • NO children under 10 permitted on Vault Tours.
  • NO Backpacks, food, or drink allowed in the Vault. 
  • Visitors are asked to refrain from touching the vehicles and must stay together with their group during the tour.

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